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All partnerships with 10 or more partners are now required to file electronically. In addition, partnerships with an annual tax liability of $10,000 or more for any one tax payable to the State of New Jersey are also required to make their payments electronically.

Beginning January 1, 2007, partnerships that are subject to tax payments are required to make installment payments of 25% of the estimated tax on or before the 15th day of each of the fourth month, sixth month and ninth month of the privilege period and on or before the 15th day of the first month succeeding the close of the privilege period. Electronic filing is required for these estimated payments.

Below are the names of software developers that have been approved by the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES) for the 2018 tax period. Software vendors appearing on this list have products that have passed the review and testing procedures established by the Division. The review, however, does not include the accuracy of the software program or the program's calculations. The Division is not liable and does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of these tax filing products or programs. Inclusion on this list does not imply any commercial endorsement by DORES or the State of New Jersey.

Approved Developers for TY18 as of 2-04-19

Vendor NJ-1065 CBT-1065 PART-200T CBT-206 1065ES
Lacerte Software X X X X X
Lacerte ITO X X X X X
CCH Inc./ProSystemsFX X X X X X
Drake X X X X  
Creative Solutions X X X X X
CorpTax LLC X X X X X
RIA/Thomson Reuters X X X X X
Crosslink X X X X X
TaxACT Inc X X X X  
TaxSlayer Corp X X X    
H&R Block/BlockAdvisors X X X X  
Advanced Tax Solutions LLC X X X    
Intuit ProSeries X X X X  
Intuit TurboTax for Business X X X X  

Web filing is also available on the Division of Taxation's web site for partnerships with 50 or less members. When using the online sevice, you will need to scroll to the bottom of the page and login. Voucher and estimated payments for all partnerships may also be made through that site.

Last Updated: Monday, 02/04/19

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