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Business entities that have failed to file an annual report for two or more consecutive years will be notified of a pending revocation of their business charter. The notice is mailed to the registered agent of the business.

The Pending Revocation Notice identifies which annual reports are outstanding and the amount due. The reports and payment must be submitted within 60 days of the notice’s issue date via online filing. If the filing and total fees are not submitted within that 60 day period, the active status of the business will be revoked and the privilege of doing business using the current business name denied.
If you are no longer conducting business and wish to close the business entity, you will still file and pay for the outstanding annual reports and then take the necessary steps for the dissolution of the business.
When responding to a Pending Revocation Notice:
  • Use online filing. Electronic filing and payment is now mandated for all annual reports.

  • Enter the 10-digit entity number, the business type, and the month and year the business was originally formed or authorized to do business in New Jersey. This information is provided on the notice. Prompts will take you through the online process and a confirmation number will be provided at the conclusion of a successful filing. Payment options are e-check, credit card and depository account. Additional information is provided in the online filing notice.

  • Respond within the 60-day time period. After this period, the business will be voided or the authority to do business in this state revoked. To reinstate the business, additional filings and fees will be required.

  • Correct the name of the registered agent or registered office. Remember that the registered agent must have a New Jersey address, and a street address must be provided for the registered office. A post office box without a street address will not be accepted for the registered office. An additional fee of $25.00 is payable for these updates.
Last Updated: Wednesday, 08/31/16

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