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Businesses that have been voided, revoked or placed on the inactive list may reinstate to become active again. The following guidelines will assist you with this process.

  • The reinstatement process is now automated. You will be able to complete electronic forms presented by the online reinstatement process and pay the fees indicated. All business types EXCEPT for-profit corporations will be able to complete the entire reinstatement process online. If your business is a for-profit corporation, you will be able to submit delinquent annual reports and reinstatement forms/fees online, and receive an application blank and instructions for requesting a tax clearance certificate, which is required by State law. You will be notified of the reinstatement after the Division of Taxation issues the required tax clearance certificate.

  • The fees for reinstatement vary by the type of business involved and the number of outstanding annual reports. The online service will calculate the applicable fees and you will pay the fees as part of the online reinstatement session. Click here to view the reinstatement fee table

  • If your business was voided/revoked for a period of time, the business name may now be reserved or taken by another entity. Therefore, as part of the reinstatement process, you will be required to check the availability of the business name. Your options for checking name availability will be displayed during the online reinstatement session. If you find the name is being used by another entity, you will need to select a new name for your business, file a name change amendment with your reinstatement request, and pay a separate amendment filing fee. Call 609.292.9292 for assistance and instructions if the name of the business you are reinstating is unavailable.

  • Consider the time required for reinstating for-profit corporations. Remember that the issuance of the Tax Clearance Certificate can be a lengthy process and that the certificate is required before the reinstatement of a for-profit corporation can take effect. Any questions regarding the issuance of a Tax Clearance Certificate or the resolution of tax issues should be directed to the Division of Taxation.

  • If you believe the business has complied with the State’s annual report requirements and should not have been revoked or placed on the inactive list, submit the following documentation via facsimile to the to Division of Revenue, Reinstatement Unit at 609.292.7962.

    • Business entities subject to CBT should provide for each year in question beginning with 1999, the first page of the corporation business tax return, a copy of form CAR-100, and proof of payment (e.g., cancelled check(s)). For periods prior to 1999, a copy of the annual report filed and substantiation of payment should be submitted.

    • Other business entities must send a copy of the annual report(s) filed and proof of payment for all periods.

    • Reinstate a Business

    • Reinstatement Fee Schedule

    • Online Reinstatement Service

Last Updated: Monday, 06/11/18

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