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If you are doing business in New Jersey, you must register for tax purposes by completing Form NJ-REG, which is contained in the Business Registration Packet. This form may be completed online or you may download the forms and instructions.

The identification number used for the business is usually the federal identification number (FEIN). All corporations and businesses with employees must have a Federal Employer Identification number. A sole proprietorship or partnership can use the social security number of the owner if there are no employees.

If registering by paper, be sure to complete all the questions on the form. Incomplete applications may be returned and, therefore, delaying your registration. Prompts during the online filing eliminate this situation.

Once you have registered, your business will receive forms, returns, instructions, certificates and other information required for on-going compliance with New Jersey State taxes. Many of the filings for the business will be able to be completed online.

You can check the Online Registration Inquiry to determine if the business is already registered for tax purposes. If you have already registered and now need to change the business registration information, you must file a Request for Change of Registration Information (Form REG-C). Possible changes include updates to address information and the adding or ending of specific tax eligibilities. The REG-C may be completed online. You will be required to use your account specific Personal Identification Number to access the system and an online confirmation will be provided at the end of your successful session. You may also download the REG-C form and instructions.

NOTE: Beginning in 2006, New Jersey is planning to require new businesses to file and pay selected taxes and reports in a paperless format. Options and instructions for electronic filing and payment will be provided for the specific tax or report. Changes to your registration will also become paperless and must be submitted using the online REG-C application. In addition, any business adding a new eligibility for one of the selected taxes or reports will also be subject to submit that filing electronically.

If you have any questions regarding registering or updating your registration information, please call the Client Registration activity for assistance at 609.292.9292.

Registering Your Business
FEIN Online Application
Certificate of Registration
Online Registration Inquiry

Last Updated: Friday, 04/05/19

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