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Approved Software Vendors - Corporate Business Tax
Tax Year 2016

Below are the names of software vendors that have been approved by the Division of Taxation to produce the 2016 Corporation Business Tax Forms, CBT-100 and CBT-100S.

When a software vendor appears on either list, this means that they have passed the review and testing procedures established by the Division of Taxation and are producing forms that contain all the required data fields to process the return(s).

The Division has NOT reviewed the accuracy of the software program or the software programís calculations. The Division is NOT liable and does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy of these corporation business tax programs.

Vendor Vendor Code CBT-100 CBT-100S
BNA 2039 X X
CCH ProSystem fx 1019 X X
1019A X X
CCH Small Firm Services 1833A X X
corptax 1023 X X
CS Professional Suite 1022 X X
1022A X X
Drake Software 1024 X X
1024A X X
H&R Block - BlockWorks 2029 X X
Intuit (Lacerte) 1032 X X
1032A X X
Intuit (ProSeries) 1030 X X
1030A X X
Petz Enterprises, LLC. 1037 X X
STF Services Corp. 1039 X X
TaxAct 1064A X X
TaxSlayer 1038 X X
TaxWise 1045 X  
1045A   X
Thomson Reuters 1062 (N010) X X
Thomson Reuters 1062 (N014) X X
Vertex Inc. 1120 X  

Last Updated: Thursday, 03/02/17

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