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Division of Taxation

Report Tax Fraud

We investigate suspected criminal violations of New Jersey tax laws, involving:

  • Individual Gross Income Tax;
  • Corporation Business Tax;
  • Withholding Tax;
  • Sales and Use Tax;
  • Petroleum Taxes;
  • Cigarette, Nicotine and Tobacco Taxes.;
  • Alcohol Taxes.
New Jersey Treasury Office of Criminal Investigation Seal
Criminal Tax Fraud Examples 
  • Willfully failing to report all income received.
  • Claiming to be a resident of another state.
  • Filing a fraudulent return.
  • Failing to file State income tax returns.
  • Opening and closing of new businesses to evade taxes.
  • Preparing records that understate income or overstate expenses of a business.
  • Failing to turn over collected, withheld tax.
  • Cigarette Tax Act violations (i.e., unlawful sales, possession, or transportation; counterfeit tax stamps).
Report Criminal Tax Fraud

You can report criminal tax fraud information directly to us by phone or by mail.

  • You can report anonymously. However, it helps us if you identify yourself should we need to contact you for additional information.
  • You cannot receive updates on the investigation. For privacy and legal reasons, we do not share information regarding an investigation.

What to Include in Your Report

  • Individual/business name and address.
  • Identification information (i.e., date of birth, tax ID, address).
  • Alleged tax violation.
  • Tax types affected (i.e., income, sales and use, withholding).
  • How you became aware of the alleged violation and how long it has been occurring.
  • Asset information.
  • Your contact information (optional).

How to Submit Your Report

Call Us:
24 Hour Tips Line (609) 322-6057

To report suspected tax fraud, please fill out the Citizen Complaint Form.
Mail to:
N.J. Department of the Treasury
Office of Criminal Investigation
PO Box 284
Trenton, N.J. 08695-0284
Tax Preparer Fraud
If you suspect a tax preparer of breaking New Jersey tax or criminal laws, call our tip line at 609-322-6057.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 04/27/21