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Division of Taxation

Date Areas of Interest Subject
01/28/05 Tax Practitioners Any practitioner who completes a New Jersey Schedule B, Net Gains or Income From Disposition of Property, for a client using either NJ WebFile or NJ ELF may choose to enter one line of information that summarizes all of their client’s transactions. In this case, the practitioner should enter “various” or “see attached” to describe the kind of property and enter the sum of all transactions in the appropriate fields. Practitioners must keep a copy of the attachments in their files for each client for whom they completed a New Jersey Schedule B in this manner. This summarization is for New Jersey purposes only. Practitioners may want to check with the IRS to determine the manner in which Federal Schedule D must be completed.

All practitioners who prepared 200 or more 2003 New Jersey income tax returns are required to use one of the three New Jersey electronic filing services (NJ WebFile, NJ TeleFile, and NJ ELF) to file their clients’ 2004 New Jersey income tax resident returns. Information regarding the e-file mandate is posted on our Web site. Please continue to check the Web address below because we will update the information as necessary.

E-File Mandate

01/05/05 Tax Practitioners The 2004 New Jersey income tax nonresident composite return, Form NJ-1080C, has been modified to use two tax rates, 6.37% and 8.97%. Information about this change has recently been posted to our Web site.

Form NJ-1080C Notice

The nonresident composite return and supporting schedules are available.

Form and Schedules

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