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Division of Taxation

Date Areas of Interest Subject
3/22/04 Publications and Sales Tax S&U-1 Restaurants and New Jersey Taxes (Rev. 03/04)
This publication explains the New Jersey sales tax rules for businesses that sell prepared food and drink. It also lists other State taxes that a restaurant or food service business may be responsible for paying.

S&U-2 Sales Tax and Home Improvements (Rev. 3/04)
This publication, designed primarily for homeowners, explains the New Jersey sales tax rules that apply to work done on real property (land or buildings).
3/04/04 Tax Practitioners Authorization Forms for Electronic Filing Discontinued- (3/3/04)
This notice explains that both Form NJ-8879, NJ E-FILE, Signature Authorization and Form NJ-8453,
State of New Jersey Individual Income tax Declaration for Electronic Filing, have been discontinued.

Electronic Filing and Payment - Practitioner Liability - (2/17/04)
This notice clarifies that a tax practitioner who files returns and pays taxes on behalf of either an individual or business client does not become personally responsible for the payment of the tax liabilities of their client.

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