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NJ Electronic Filing - Helpful Tips

  • If you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader and you are having difficulty loading the 2016 NJ-1040 form, it may be that your browser uses another type of reader as the default. You may need to change your browser settings so that it uses the Adobe viewer. For more information read the instructions to manually change your browser settings.

  • You can rename the 2016 NJ-1040 file if you would like to do so. However, you should not change the file extension. For example, you can change the file name from "NJ-1040_2016.pdf" to "MyNJ1040.pdf" but you cannot change from "NJ-1040_2016.pdf" to "NJ-1040_2016.doc" Changing the file extension will cause a processing error.

  • DO NOT use commas when entering a dollar amount on the tax return. For example, if the amount is two thousand dollars you should enter 2000.

  • Use the "Add Attachments" button to attach documents such as schedules and 1099 forms to your 2016 Form NJ-1040. You must attach documents to the tax return before you submit the tax return electronically.


Last Updated: Wednesday, 01/25/17

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