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Division of Taxation

Voided or Revoked Businesses

In New Jersey, your business can be voided or revoked by the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services (DORES) for two reasons:

If your business charter is voided or your authority to do business in New Jersey is revoked, your company may be unable to conduct routine business transactions, such as obtaining a bank loan or purchasing/selling property.

Note: Filing all delinquent reports and returns will not automatically allow you to resume business operations. In order to conduct business, you must file for reinstatement with DORES.

How to Reinstate a Revoked or Voided Business

If your business is revoked, voided, or placed on the inactive list, you must reinstate it through DORES' online reinstatement service:

  • Choose “Reinstate a Business Entity;"
  • Log-in using your 10-digit Business Entity ID # and the month and year the business entity was originally formed or authorized to do business in New Jersey;
  • File and pay any delinquent annual reports; and
  • Pay the indicated reinstatement fee.

For-Profit Corporations: Part of your reinstatement process is verifying the business is in tax compliance by obtaining a tax clearance certificate from us. DORES’ online reinstatement service will generate your application for tax clearance and we will notify your company if you have any outstanding tax filings or debts. All outstanding tax filings and debts must be satisfied in order for us to grant tax clearance, issue the tax clearance certificate, and for the business to be reinstated by DORES.

For all other business types, tax clearance is not required. You will be able to complete the reinstatement process completely online.

If you no longer wish to do business in New Jersey, you must complete the reinstatement process first, then withdraw, cancel, or dissolve the business (also through DORES).

Additional Information

For questions regarding the reinstatement process, you may call the Division of Revenue and Enterprise Services at 609-292-9292.

Last Updated: Monday, 06/07/21