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State of New Jersey, Civil Service Commission
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Before taking your exam, it is recommended that you become familiar with the types of exams and the evaluation methods that are used to grade them.

Rationale for Selection Mode Determination

All Civil Service Commission (CSC) tests are designed to measure the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to perform the duties of a particular title. The Division of Selection Services and Recruitment looks at how the title is used in the hiring agency and how many candidates are competing to determine the most appropriate test format. Sometimes we use more than one format.

Evaluation of Education and Experience

For this type of Evaluation, your application is the test. No written or physical test is administered. An examiner evaluates the education and experience shown on your application against the job requirements. Only relevant experience gained within the last 10 years is assigned credit.

Questionnaire/Supplemental Application

Our questionnaire/supplemental application is a "self-report" of background and experience that you complete at home and submit to CSC within a designated timeframe. The questions are based on the significant aspects of the position being tested.

Written Test

A written test is usually a multiple-choice test or an essay test measuring job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities.

You can view general information about studying for Multiple Choice Tests by going to the Multiple-Choice Exam Orientation Guide. [pdf]

Supervisory Test Battery

The Supervisory Test Battery (STB) is a computer-based test that measures supervisory skills and abilities.  It is sometimes combined with a test of technical knowledge in an exam for a particular title.  For more information on the process, download our STB guide [pdf].


Once you establish a score on the STB exam, your score is valid for up to five years.  Your score may be applied to future announcements tested under this program for up to five years, as long as the same version of the STB test is in use.  Test score duration does not affect the duration of eligible lists issued.  These lists will remain in effect until their established expiration date.

You may retake the STB after one year.  If you choose to retake the STB after one year, your score is based solely on that latest test administration.

Management Test Battery

The Management Test Battery is designed to measure a candidate's ability to effectively handle a variety of management-level situations. For more information on the process, download our MTB guide.

Computer-Based Testing

Our computer-based tests follow a multiple-choice format. You will receive your raw score (the number of correct answers) at the test site immediately after you finish the test. Unlike many other CSC exams, there is no review period. If you want to appeal any portion of this test, you must do it at the test site immediately following the exam.

The Civil Service Commission’s computer-based testing sites are located throughout New Jersey. They include the Department of Labor's One-Stop Centers in Hackensack, Trenton, and Camden, and at the CSC’s test facility in Trenton.

You will be mailed a notification with your final score and rank on the employment list.

Bilingual Skills Testing

For bilingual titles, we test bilingual skills with a Bilingual Communicative Ability Test (BICAT) at the time of certification. This test is both oral and written. It measures communication skills in a language, and supplements the test given for the base title. You must pass the BICAT, in addition to passing the basic test for the title, in order to be appointed to a bilingual title.

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