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Parents' Handbook

This handbook explains the role of CP&P (formerly DYFS) and answers frequently asked questions about services and programs. Download the guide by clicking on the below links.

Parents' Handbook, English 
Manual para los padres, en Español


A Guide for Parents: When Your Child is in Foster Care

This guide was created to help families involved with CP&P (formerly DYFS) whose children have been placed in foster care. It gives information about why children have been removed from their parents’ care, what to expect when this happens and how and when children can return home. Download the guide by clicking on the below links.

A Guide for Parents: When Your Child is in Foster Care, English 
Una guía para los padres: cuando su hijo se encuentra en cuidado de crianza provisional, en Español


School Stability

To assure compliance with the education provisions of the federal law, Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act of 2008, New Jersey legislation was enacted September 9, 2010 that amended Title 18 A and Title 30. Under this law, children can remain in their home school when they enter foster care unless it is not in their best interest to do so.

Click HERE for more information and resources.


Adolescent Services

Click HERE to learn about services for CP&P involved adolescents.  Also visit DCF's Office of Adolescents new website, (New Jersey Youth Resource Spot).


FOUR TIER - A New System of Investigative Findings

This pamphlet explains DCF's new FOUR TIER system of regulations effective on April 1, 2013, modifying DCF's findings following child abuse and neglect investigations. The new system allows DCF more specific findings categories to more appropriately reflect the particular circumstances present in each investigation.

FOUR TIER Investigative Findings 
CUATRO NIVELES Resultados de la Investigación, en Español