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The Field Training Unit is responsible for conducting training in emergency management courses for state, county, municipal, and private sector individuals who have emergency management responsibilities or responsibilities in related fields. These training programs are designed to assist the public and private sector in their ability to mitigate, plan for, respond to, and recover from the effects of natural and technological events. All training is consistent with training initiatives on the federal level. The Unit offers a variety of interrelated courses designed specifically to improve the professional, managerial and technical skills of people involved in the field of Emergency Management. These state of the art training programs are designed to achieve a comprehensive and integrated emergency management system which addresses all hazards at the local, county and state levels.

Nearly 30 different courses are presented in the adult learning format by teams of the most capable instructors available. The contributions of the instructors, combined with the interaction of the student body, will develop each student's emergency management skills and help them excel in service to their communities.

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Radiological Emergency Response Planning (RERP&T) Unit

The Radiological Emergency Response Planning (RERP&T) Unit develops radiological emergency response plans and procedures for protecting the population in the areas located within ten miles of the nuclear power plants located in New Jersey. They develop and conduct an annual exercise of the Radiological Emergency Response Plan for each area affected by a nuclear power plant located in New Jersey. They also coordinate the interaction of the State, county, municipal and federal governments in preparing for response activities to incidents at a nuclear power plant. They also serve as technical Advisor to the State Director of Emergency Management and the Governor's Office in incidents or exercises involving Radiological materials in transit or at fixed facilities.

The Radiological Emergency Response Planning Unit (RERP&T) is responsible for a number of tasks identified in the Radiation Accident Response Act, 26:2D-37. These tasks center upon the development, maintenance, and exercise of the State's Radiological Emergency Response Plan. This is also a requirement of the federal government according to 44 CFR 350, Review and approval of Radiological Emergency Response Plans. The Unit develops, coordinates, conducts, and evaluates an annual exercise of the Plans for the Salem/Hope Creek Plant and the Oyster Creek Plant. The exercises test each major component of the Plans and serve to measure the adequacy of those plans and the skills of the responders. Exercises are required annually under the Radiation Accident Response Act. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires the State to conduct exercises biennially.

The Unit reviews and revises the RERP Plans based upon exercise evaluations, revised federal guidance, and changing demographics. The Unit develops, maintains, and exercises Standard Operating Procedures (SOP's) which provide guidance on specific tasks identified in the Plans. It develops, provides, and evaluates training to emergency responders on the specific tasks and SOP's identified in the Plans. The Unit is responsible for that element of the Radiation Accident Response Act which allows for the purchase of equipment necessary for State, county, and municipal governments to implement the missions assigned to them in the Plans.

The Unit is responsible to support of the State Office of Emergency Management's RERP function by calibration, certification, retrofit, repair, stockpiling and inventory control of radiation protection equipment. Staff respond on a 24 hour basis to all radiological incidents or potential incidents that occur in or threaten New Jersey. The Unit maintains a Nuclear Regulatory Licensed radiological protection program for all licensable radioactive material in the custody of the State Office of Emergency Management. It conducts multi-level radiological training for State, County, Municipal and Private Sector personnel and supervises and monitors all radiological exposures to State Police personnel.

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