State, Federal & Community Services & Resources

For Every Day. . .
Positive Parenting Tips (CDC) 
Just in Time Parenting (Month by Month Parenting E-Newsletters)

For “Get- up & Go” Days. . .
Family Fun

For “Hard to Cope” Days. . .
How to Cope When a Baby Cries  
Parents Anonymous of New Jersey
(Parent to Parent Support for Family Stressors/Parenting Issues)
Crises/Screening Centers (DHS Division of Mental Health Services) 

Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying (NJ Department of Education) 
2nd Floor (Confidential and Anonymous Youth & Young Adult Helpline)

NJ 211 (Access to Community Resources) 
NJ Helps.org (Screening Tool for Program Eligibility) 
GovBenefits.gov (Federal Benefits and Resources)

Coping With a Disaster or Traumatic Event
How to Help Children Cope in a Crisis (Save the Children) 
Coping with the Emotional Impact of Public Health Emergencies
National Association of School Psychologists (Talking to Children about Crises Events) 
American Psychological Association (Helping Children Manage Distress in the Aftermath of a Shooting) 

For Moms. .
For Moms and Moms to Be: Coping with Stress
Perinatal Mood Disorders & Postpartum Depression 
Doulas of North America (Labor and Postpartum Support) 
La Leche League of New Jersey (Mother to Mother Breastfeeding Support) 
Mom2Mom (Mother to Mother Support for Families with Children with Special Needs)

For Dads. . .

Dads: Quick Tips and Activities 
The Importance of Fathers: Tips for Dads 
Just for Dads (March of Dimes Education Center)
For Dads-to-Be: Your Health and Preparing for Pregnancy

For Relationships. . .
Strategies for Healthy Marriages
Parenting Together: Healthy Marriages and Relationships

For Families. . .
CDC Coping with Stress
Adult Mental Health Services 
NJ Parent Link: Older Siblings 
National Institute for Mental Health 
National Center for Complimentary and Integrative Health 
NJ Parent Link: Family Support Services for Special Situations

Home Visitation Services
(In Home Nurse Services & Parent Education during Early Childhood)

NJ Healthy Families: TANF Initiative for Parents (TIP)
(In Home Services & Parent Education during Early Childhood)

For Parent to Parent Support. . .
Parent to Parent
Family Success Centers
Military Spouse Resources
New Jersey Parents' Caucus
Family Support Organizations
Prevent Child Abuse-New Jersey
Parents Anonymous of New Jersey
Parent Advocacy/Leadership Opportunities
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (SPAN) 
NJ Association of Child Care Resource & Referral Agencies
La Leche League of New Jersey (Mother to Mother Breastfeeding Support)