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Gross Income Tax Returns

How to File an Income Tax Return PDF (51K)

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The following forms can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. PDF formatted documents contain the same text as the original printed documents. To view PDF formatted documents, you must have Acrobat Reader, which is available free from Adobe. Click the link to download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader now!

2016 Gross Income Tax Forms
Prior year Gross Income Tax Forms

Software Vendors - Other Forms

Notice to Software Vendors - Authorized format for New Jersey Gross Income Tax Fiduciary Returns (Form NJ-1041)

Estimated Tax Forms for Nonresident Sellers of Real Property in New Jersey

Form Content
PDF Size
NJ-1040 NJ Resident Income Tax Return


Instructions for the NJ-1040

Schedules A & B 42K
Schedule NJ-BUS-1 32K
Schedule NJ-BUS-2 33K
NJ Gross Income Tax Payment Voucher 40K
NJ-1040-H Property Tax Credit Application 1.23MB
Instructions for NJ-1040-H 1.02MB
NJ-1040NR Non-Resident Income Tax Return 103K
Instructions for NJ-1040NR 1.51MB
Schedule NJ-BUS-1 47K
Schedule NJ-BUS-2 46K
NJ Gross Income Tax Nonresident Payment Voucher 41K
NJ-NR-A Business Allocation Schedule 88K
NJ-1041 Fiduciary Return Form 150K
Schedule NJ-BUS-1 39K
Schedule NJ-BUS-2 39K
Instructions for NJ-1041 841K
NJ-1041SB Fiduciary Return Electing Small Business Trust and Instructions 94K
NJ-1041-V Fiduciary Return Payment Voucher 39K
NJ-1080C Nonresident Composite Return and Schedules A, and B 72K
Instructions for the NJ-1080A, NJ-1080B, NJ-1080C and NJ-1080E 56K
Who's Eligible to file Composite Returns? 7K
NJ-1080C - Diskette Specifications Directory General Diskette Specifications - Participant & Nonparticipant Directory 25K
Record Layout and Description - Excel Spreadsheet 33K
Record Layout and Description - Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet 34K
Record Layout and Description - Standard Format 30K
NJ-1080E Election to Participate in Composite Return 59K
Estimated Tax Voucher 2017 555k
Instructions for NJ-1040ES 2017 543k
NJ-1040-O E-File Opt-Out Request Form 42K
NJ-630 Application for Extension of Time to File NJ Gross Income Tax Return 59K
NJ-1040X Amended Resident Return Form 143K
Amended Resident Return Instructions 589K
NJ-2210 Underpayment of Estimated Tax by Individuals and Instructions 62K
NJ-2440 Statement in Support of Exclusion for Amounts Received Under Accident and Health Insurance Plan For Personal Injuries or Sickness 75K
NJ-2450 Employee's Claim for Credit for Excess WD/HC and Disability Contributions for Calendar Year 42K
GIT-DEP Gross Income Tax Depreciation Adjustment Worksheet (Updated: 09/2008) 69K
GIT-317 Sheltered Workshop Tax Credit 152K
501-GIT New Jersey Gross Income Tax Domestic Production Activities Deduction 82K
NJ-165 Employee's Certificate of Non-Residence in New Jersey 102K
C-4267 Employee's Substitute Wage and Tax Statement 58K
NJ-W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate 102K
NJ-W-4P Certificate of Voluntary Withholding of Gross Income Tax from Pension and Annuity Payments 24K
NJ-W-3M Reconciliation of Tax Withheld 39K
Form 8879 NJ-E FILE Signature Authorization - 2016 43K
NJ-E FILE Signature Authorization - 2015
Pa Form REV-419 Employee’s Nonwithholding Application Certificate 273K
DCC-1 Request for Copies of Previously Filed Tax Returns 60K

Estimated Tax Forms for Nonresident Sellers of Real Property in New Jersey

Form Content PDF Size
GIT/REP-1 Nonresident Seller's Tax Declaration 66K
A-3128 Claim for Refund of Estimated Gross Income Tax Payment Required on the Sale of Real Property Located in New Jersey, under the provisions of C.55, PL 2004 46K
GIT/REP-2 Nonresident Seller's Tax Prepayment Receipt 28K
GIT/REP-3 Seller's Residency Certification/Exemption 60K
GIT/REP-4 Waiver of Seller's Filing Requirement of GIT/REP Forms and Payment 63K
GIT/REP-4A Waiver of Seller's Filing Requirement of GIT/REP Forms and Payment for Corrected Deed With No Consideration 45K

Last Updated: Monday, 02/06/17

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