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Date Posted Subject
09/14/2017 New Jersey Extends Tax Filing Deadline for Hurricane Irma Victims
09/11/2017 New Jersey Extends Tax Filing Deadline for Hurricane Harvey Victims
08/10/2017 TB-45(R), Urban Enterprise Zone-Impacted Business Districts PDf (69 kb)

Ocean County Couple and Their Home Improvement Companies Indicted for Allegedly Stealing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by Bilking Homeowners Whose Homes Were Badly Damaged by Superstorm Sandy

07/27/17 Five More Individuals Charged with Filing False Applications for Superstorm Sandy Relief
07/21/17 Now Available – Summer 2017 New Jersey State Tax News PDf (542 kb)
07/18/17 S&U-4, New Jersey Sales Tax Guide (Rev. 7/17) PDf (366 kb)
07/17/17 Streamlined Taxability Matrix
07/11/17 Taxes on Fuel Sales at New Jersey Marinas PDf (40 kb)
06/30/17 Notice: Taxability of Documentary Fees and Other Charges in Connection With the Sale of a Motor Vehicle PDf (17 kb)
06/12/17 S&U-1, Restaurants and New Jersey Taxes (Rev. 6/17) PDf (228 kb)
05/31/17 S&U-11, Admission Charges (Rev. 5/17) PDf (236 kb)
05/26/17 ANJ-17, Atlantic City: Luxury Tax, New Jersey Sales Tax & Other Fees (Rev. 05/17) PDf (246 kb)
05/26/17 S&U-13, Hotel Occupancies and New Jersey Taxes PDf (199 kb)
05/10/17 ANJ-23, Motor Vehicle Parking, Storing, & Garaging (Rev. 05/17) PDf (254 kb)
05/05/17 S&U-12, Leases and Rentals and New Jersey Taxes (Rev. 5/17) PDf (247 kb)
05/01/17 S&U-5 Making Mail-Order and Internet Sales (Rev. 5/17) PDf (379 kb)
04/13/17 Now Available Spring 2017 New Jersey State Tax News PDf (2 mb)
04/12/17 Notice to Limousine Operators
03/24/17 New Jersey Man Sentenced For Trafficking Contraband Cigarettes
03/15/17 TB-80 Addback of Other States’ Taxes PDf (85 kb)
03/07/17 New Jersey Manual of Audit Procedures PDf (1.53 mb)
03/02/17 ANJ-7, Use Tax in New Jersey (Rev. 03/17) PDf (290 kb)
2/28/17 ANJ-18, Printing & Publishing Industries & New Jersey Sales Tax (Rev. 02/17) PDf (246 kb)
2/28/17 ANJ-12, Veterinarians & New Jersey Sales Tax (Rev. 02/17) PDf (277 kb)
2/28/17 ANJ-11, Arts & Crafts Businesses & New Jersey Sales Tax (Rev. 02/17) PDf (290 kb)
2/28/17 ANJ-5, Floor Coverings Dealers & New Jersey Sales Tax (Rev. 02/17) PDf (287 kb)
02/08/17 Now Available – Winter 2016/2017 New Jersey State Tax News PDf (566 kb)
01/26/17 ANJ-9, Coupons, Discounts & New Jersey Sales Tax (Rev. 01/17) PDf (333 kb)
01/11/17 New Exemption for Veterans Begins in 2017 Tax Year
12/29/16 TB-21(R) Interest Rate Assessed for January 1 through December 31, 2017 PDf (22 kb)
12/27/16 NJ Division of Taxation Reminds Consumers & Business Owners That Sales Tax Rate Will Change to 6.875% in the New Year
12/01/16 Sales and Use Tax Rate Change Effective January 1, 2017
11/16/16 Notice to Qualified Businesses Located in Urban Enterprise Zones
11/09/16 Now Available – Fall 2016 New Jersey State Tax News PDf (1.27mb)
10/27/16 Petroleum Products Gross Receipts Tax (Ppgrt) Increase Notice PDf (463kb)

Doctor Pleads Guilty to Concealing Over $3.6 Million in Income from His Medical Practice to Evade Taxes
and Paying Kickbacks to Other Doctors for Referrals to His Pain Management Clinics


North Jersey Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Accepting Tens of Thousands of Dollars in Illegal Kickbacks,
Three Other Professionals Pleas Guilty to Related Fraud

10/21/16 New Jersey Estate Tax Changes Effective 01/01/17
10/20/16 S&U-3 Contractors and New Jersey Taxes PDf (463kb)
10/20/16 ANJ-1 New Jersey Taxpayers' Bill of Rights PDf (290 kb)

Ocean County Couple and Their Home Improvement Companies Charged With Stealing Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars by Bilking Homeowners Whose Homes Were Badly Damaged by Superstorm Sandy

10/05/16 Cigar Shop Owner Indicted on Theft and Tax Evasion Charges for Failing to Pay $442,000 in State Sales and Tobacco Taxes
09/28/16 Police Uncover Cigarette Sales Scheme in Newark, Authorities Say
09/23/16 Correction: 2014 Homestead Benefit Worksheet
08/12/16 Tax Practitioners Scam Alert
08/02/16 Notice - New Jersey State Lottery Withholding Rates - Revised 08/02/16
07/29/16 Bergen County Medical Device CEO Guilty of Tax Evasion, jury hung on theft.
07/26/16 Streamlined Certificate of Compliance
07/26/16 Streamlined Taxability Matrix
07/18/16 Application processing fee waived for Business Assistance & Incentive Clearance. The Division of Taxation now offers an online application for the Business Assistance & Incentive Clearance where the application processing fee is waived.
07/14/16 TB-20R – Gambling Winnings or Losses (Rev. 07/16) (15 kb)
07/14/16 New Jersey Lottery Questions and Answers (Rev. 07/16) (61 kb)
07/13/16 TB-55R - Partnership Filing Fee and Nonresident Partner Tax (Rev. 07/16) (52 kb)
07/12/16 Now Available Summer 2016 New Jersey State Tax News (1.31mb)
07/06/16 Division of Taxation to Hold South River Property Revaluation Hearing (173 kb)
06/17/16 Series of Arrests in Financial Fraud Network
06/16/16 Insurance Premiums and New Jersey Foreign Fire Insurance Company Tax PDf (73 kb)
05/23/16 Doctor Pleads Guilty to Taking More Than $250,000 in Illegal Kickbacks for Referring Patients to Other Doctors and Healthcare Providers
05/18/16 Jersey City Lawyer Indicted for Allegedly Stealing More Than $1.5 Million From Clients
05/05/16 Pennsylvania Man Convicted at Trial of Failing to Pay Income PDf (161 kb)
05/03/16 Racketeering Indictment Charges 10 Alleged Members and Associates of Genovese Crime Family
05/02/16 Now Available Spring 2016 New Jersey State Tax News
04/22/16 ANJ-4, Landscapers (Rev. 04/16) PDf (370 kb)
04/22/16 ANJ-5, Floor Covering Dealers (Rev. 04/16) PDf (366 kb)
02/26/16 Middletown Official Indicted in Tax Fraud for Not Reporting Income PDf (59 kb)
02/19/16 Authorities Arrest Central Figure in Alleged Credit Card Fraud Scheme in Which Millions of Dollars Were Stolen From Banks
02/17/16 Now Available – Winter 2015/2016 New Jersey State Tax News PDf (1.01 mb)
02/12/16 Notice – Sales and Use Tax Partial Exemption and Maximum Sales and Use Tax Imposition Amount for Sales and Uses of Boats and Vessels; Establishes Grace Period for Use Tax Imposition on Certain Boats and Vessels used by Resident Purchasers
02/12/16 Frequently Asked Questions – Boats and Other Vessels Partial Sales Tax Exemption (3.5% Sales Tax rate); $20,000 Sales Tax Cap
02/03/16 Man Pleads Guilty to Conspiring with Doctor to Conceal More Than $3.6 Million in Income From Doctor’s Medical Practice to Evade Taxes
01/26/16 Phone Fraud Scams Reach Epidemic Proportion PDf (164 kb)
01/26/16 Choose Your Tax Preparer Wisely   
01/22/16 Pair had $50K in Untaxed Cigarettes, Riverdale Cops Say

Tax Assessor Examination to be offered in March PDf (12 kb)


Archived News

Last Updated: Thursday, 09/14/17

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