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Scheduled Dates:
Monday, September 10, 2018
Monday, September 17, 2018
Monday, September 24, 2018

Mercer County Community College
1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor

Scheduled Date:
Monday, October 15, 2018
Monday, October 22, 2018
Monday, October 29, 2018

Mercer County Community College
1200 Old Trenton Rd, West Windsor

Cost per person: $459

Pre-Requisite: None

Length: 18 hours, one day per week for three weeks

Time: 8:30am - 4:00pm

Important Class Information:
Attendance on day one is required. If you are unable to do so, please notify your agency’s training coordinator and the Registration Team 10 days prior to the class start date.


Certification Program for Supervisors in Performance Management

Effective performance development requires supervisors to support employees in meeting job performance criteria by assessing employee knowledge, skills, and abilities in relation to the mission and set standards of the organization.  In this three day certification series, supervisors will gain an understanding of the leadership skills and techniques that are critical to the increased development of employee performance and overall effectiveness.  Supervisors will learn methods to communicate goals and performance feedback with employees who are achieving performance standards as well as employees whose performance falls below expectations. The series will also focus on the active engagement needed in the three phases of the performance management process.  In addition, participants will develop a procedure for gathering and documenting objective performance data and gain a solid foundation of the progressive disciplinary process used to reduce an employee performance gap when other methods have failed.

Core Learning Objectives Include:
  • Identify when critical conversations are needed and why they are important
  • Assess your own communication strengths and discover areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate  different techniques to reduce miscommunication
  • Develop an approach to address difficult conversations that fosters a more productive and positive outcome
  • Understand the purpose and benefits of the performance management process
  • Identify job tasks and set performance standards and goals
  • Identify the requirements and skills of being a masterful coach
  • Develop an awareness of common supervisory biases and errors in rating employee performance
  • Implement the use of meaningful performance feedback
  • Analyze performance problems
  • Identify employee behaviors that can be addressed through disciplinary action
  • Explain the benefits of documenting an employee's poor performance
  • Understand the discipline process outlined in title 4A

Day 1- Critical Conversations (click here for full course description)

A critical conversation is a foundation for bringing about change. Having successful critical conversations creates a supportive environment where both parties commit to working together to achieve a desired outcome. Day one of the S3 certification program focuses on the necessary communication components needed to establish an open and candid two-way outcome centered dialogue.  Supervisors will discover four strategies that will help them have successful critical conversations and learn tips for staying in control and addressing emotions. The exploration will also include the identification of various communication styles through completing The My Best Communication Style self-assessment that will help participants maximize their communication strengths, recognize areas for improvement, and identify ways to adapt their communication to the needs of others. 

Day 2- Performance Management (click here for full course description)

Performance management is an active process that requires long term engagement between supervisors and their employees.   Day two focuses on the three phases of the performance management cycle; planning, monitoring, and evaluating, while the participants become aware of the skills supervisors need to help support those who report to them.  In addition, participants will become knowledgeable of how to manage high performers in order to get individuals to achieve at their optimal performance level. 


Day 3 - Performance Challenges, Documentation and Discipline 
(click here for full course description)

An ability to identify and tackle poor work performance is an essential supervisory skill.  Day three of S3 will focus on the skills supervisors need to address performance problems in an effective, timely fashion, and set boundaries for appropriate behavior.  Supervisors will discover strategies and tips to help them analyze performance problems and communicate concerns constructively with employees, while gaining an understanding of the documentation and discipline process.


Please complete the HR-1 Training Authorization Form to request classroom training. Your direct supervisor, departmental training coordinator and fiscal officer must approve the form. HR-1's received without proper approval will be returned to the Department's Training Coordinator.

You are not scheduled for the requested classroom training until you receive an official email confirmation from CLIP.

Fax your form to 609-777-2336. For any questions, please call the Registration Team at 609-777-2225.


Training Authorization Form

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