Susan is a fun, loving, happy-go-lucky, petite young lady.  She is affectionately known as Susie.  She adorns her hair with pigtail braids just like "Pipi Long Stocking" and enjoys having age appropriate books, like Dr. Seuss, read to her.  She is very engaged, pointing her finger at her favorite pictures and attempting to verbalize some of the words on each page.  She also enjoys watching television, especially Dora the Explorer.  YouTube cartoon videos can be used to provide a soothing environment during doctor appointments which can be stressful for her.  Other activities include playing video games, electronic toys and developmental/age appropriate puzzles. 

Susie receives full wraparound services in her educational setting for her behavioral, physical, therapeutic, and educational needs.  Suzie continues to acquire new skills, currently she is learning to communicate by combining several of the words in her vocabulary to ask for what she needs.

Susie would be best suited to live with a family that has the time and dedication to raise her and place a lot of focus on her throughout her life.  An adoptive family would need to be willing to make a life-long commitment to raising Suzie, and be strong advocates to ensure the special needs for this sweet little girl are always met.

For more information, EMAIL or call 1-800-99 ADOPT.

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