Joseph is a loveable child who enjoys being cuddled. He has a sweet disposition and is pleasant. He enjoys being spoken to, sung to, and held. He responds well to musical toys and that of contrasting colors like black and yellow. Joseph very much benefits from being in the company of other children. He does not get easily upset but when he does he will cry to express his unhappiness. He is easily calmed or redirected. He is slowly learning how to speak and can currently say "Hi".

Joseph is non-ambulatory. He requires the assistance of his wheel chair, leg braces, hand splints, and body jacket which are used to assist with maintaining his posture and standing abilities. Joseph gains his main source of nutrition through a Gastrostomy Tube. He also enjoys the textures of different foods when he receives some oral feeding as well. Joseph receives all of this occupational, physical, and speech therapies through his specialized school setting.

Joseph would benefit most from a family that is very affectionate and loving. He would do best with a family that had the ability to meet all of his personal hygienic, emotional, educational, and medical special needs. Joseph would need a family that could make a lifelong commitment in caring for him.

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