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In order to maintain a chapter charter with in the New Jersey FFA Association, a chapter must meet the following minimum qualifications:

  1. Submit a Program Affiliation Contract by September 30 and its payment by January 31.
  2. Complete chapter roster on by November 1.
  3. Submit an updated program of activities to the State FFA Association Office by December 1.
  4. Send two delegates to the State FFA Convention.
  5. Participate in at least five State/National events:
    1. Career Development Events
    2. Leadership Training Seminars
    3. State and National Chapter Awards
  6. Elect chapter officers and send a list of their names and addresses to the State FFA Office by October 1.
  7. Submit an updated local FFA chapter constitution to the State FFA Office by December 1.

    If a chapter fails to meet the minimum qualifications listed above by May 1, the State Executive Board may make recommendations to the delegate body at the state convention to revoke the chapter's charter or to place the chapter on probation. It is very important for a chapter to meet all the qualifications required by the New Jersey FFA Association.