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The Division on Women develops, promotes, and expands women’s rights in the areas of poverty and welfare, employment and wages, work and family, the economic and social aspects of healthcare, violence against women, and women’s civic and political participation in their communities.


In 1974, the New Jersey Division on Women (DOW) was established as a pioneering state agency for women's advocacy throughout the state. 

DOW's mission is to create, promote and expand the rights and opportunities for all women in the State of New Jersey. The Division supports the development, coordination and evaluation of programs and services for women and other constituents.  DOW fosters programs and services that empower the women of New Jersey.


The Office of Domestic Violence Services funds domestic violence services that serve the needs of victims in every county. Services for survivors, victims, and their families include emergency shelters, 24-hour hotlines, counseling, children’s services, and financial, housing and legal advocacy.

The Office of the Prevention of Violence Against Women funds services that serve the needs of sexual assault victims and sexual violence prevention programs in every county. Services include a 24-hour hotline, crisis counseling, accompaniments by a confidential sexual violence advocate, and financial, housing and legal advocacy.

Through displaced homemaker programs, the Office of Support, Employment, and Training helps individuals gain or upgrade their skills for today’s work force and become economically self-sufficient. Individuals can attend short term educational or training programs.

DOW Services
  • Funds, monitors, and evaluates programs for the advancement of women
  • Develops new programs to serve women
  • Refers women to direct service providers
  • Provides information on women's issue to the public
  • Provides technical assistance to agencies representing women
  • Represents women on boards, commissions, councils, committees, and task forces and provides input and recommendations on issues pertaining to the Division's Mission

Division on Women