Guardlife - Volume 30, Number 2

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 177th Supports OEF
 Combat Veteran to Head NJANG
 'Faithful and Brave' Arrive
 1-114th Deploys to Arrabian Penninsula
 253rd TC Back from Iraq
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 Jersey Air Guardsman Wins Services Award
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 Finance Battalion Update
 Family Appreciation Day
 Short Rounds
 NJ Places 17th in NG Marathon
 Army and Air Enlisted Promotions
 In Memoriam

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Maintenance TeamFinance Battalion Update

Photo by Maj. Angelo Capolupo, Commander, 50th Finance Battalion, Iraq

The 50th Finance Battalion has been busy setting up shop in Iraq.
In addition to the normal in-theatre training, 50th Soldiers have been traveling around the country supporting funding units within their “area of responsibility”.

“They have performed admirably during the past six weeks,” stated Maj. Angelo Capolupo, the unit’s Commander.

“As the unit gets acclimatized, our troops are beginning to get involved with some quality of life projects. These include installing sleeping tents for visitors and improving the Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) facilities.”

Maj. Capolupo noted that there was considerable activity related to renovating a building next to his office to be used for MWR. It has three rooms: one to be used for Friday night card and board games, one for a TV, and the last for reading and video games.

According to the Major, these improvements usually occurred while he and the command sergeant major were away. “It seems that every time the CSM and I are away, more and more work got done back at base camp. I think we have to stay away more often.”

Mail and care packages also are making their way to the unit. “We’re getting packages left and right and everyone’s really happy about that. We’ve received many packages from the Family Readiness Program back in New Jersey and believe me, it is contributing to our well-being.”

Given the extremes in daily living conditions, security concerns, and the scope of their mission, the unit’s morale remains high.

The Commander summed it up best. “I’m happy to report that everybody is doing well.”