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New Jersey Big Trees

You have found a big tree or you feel you have a champion tree to de-throne the current champ.  No matter what, you need to nominate it and send to us.  Champion big trees are all around us whether they zare a 20 foot in circumference Oak tree or a 3 foot in circumference Fringe tree they all can be the largest in the state or nation.  First, check out the current big tree register to see if you have the next champion. Next, nominate the tree. Finally, a forester will review the nomination to determine its champion potential and may request a site visit to officially measure the tree (have patience there are countless numbers of champion tree nominations and a limited number of foresters).

In order to successfully nominate a champion big tree the following criteria needs to be completed on the nomination form and mailed to the address below:

Common and scientific name of tree Circumference in inches (see how to measure link)
Height in feet (see how to measure link)
Crown spread in feet (see how to measure link)
Nominator of tree and date reported Location of tree (be specific include maps if possible) Owner's name and address Nominator's name and address Additional information including tree or property history Photograph of tree

Click here for the NJ Big and Heritage Tree nomination form*

NJ Big and Heritage Tree Right of Access NJ Private land owners (This form is required to be filled out with the nomination form)

Please fill out the nomination form and mail or fax to:

Attention: Joe Bennett
Big Tree Nomination
NJ Forestry Service
Mail Code 501-04
501 East State Street
Trenton, NJ 08625
Fax # 609-984-0378

























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