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Transformation and you
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By Command Sgt. Maj. William R.Kryscnski, 50th Brigade As you all know, the New Jersey Army National Guard has begun a transformation process that will occupy our training priorities over the next several years. This transformation is a huge process that involves consolidating some units, eliminating several units and developing new units. Old equipment will be turned in and newer equipment and systems will be issued. Along with that process comes many facets of training to become familiar with and proficient on the new equipment. Although the state's overall strength will stay the about the same, it will become necessary for many of our Soldiers to become qualified in new military job specialties (MOS) and possibly move from one unit or armory to another. Needless to say, the transformation process will be a challenge for everyone in the New Jersey Army National Guard.

As Soldiers who are part of this transformation process, you have certain responsibilities. Just like we manage our everyday lives, we will now have to put more emphasis on managing our military careers. Soldiers must look at what the new military occupational specialties will be, like Combat Engineers, Communications specialists, Intelligence specialists, Military Police, Water Treatment specialists, etc.

In addition, you should look at where these new units are located as compared to where you are drilling now. Soldiers must ask themselves: Is this a better opportunity for me? Will I be closer to home so I can reduce travel costs? Does this new position provide me with training that can be utilized in my civilian career as well?

Our Combat Battalions will transform to become lighter, more mobile, shedding the heavy armor of tanks. The decision for our former tankers is: Where do I go? Should I be an Infantryman, Cavalry Scout, Mortarman, Artilleryman, Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic, Emergency Medical Technician, Military Policeman, Intelligence Analyst, or one of several other job specialties that will be available?

When analyzing these opportunities, Soldiers need to know if they can qualify for one of these new job specialties. What was your GT score when you came into the military? If you want to be an Intelligence analyst (96B), you need a ST score of 105 or higher. If being a Combat Engineer (21B) is of interest to you, you would need a CO score of 90 or higher to qualify. Military Policemen (31B) need a ST score of 95 or higher. Communications specialties (25B) or systems analysts need ST scores of 100 or higher.

We have several Combat Support Units whose functions will remain the same, however, under the transformation their overall troop strength will decrease. Soldiers in those units must decide if they want to change their MOS or look for across the state to find where vacancies exist in their current MOS. The Medical Company is one such unit that comes to mind. This unit is currently over strength and many of our qualified EMT/medics will have to either change their specialty or move over to another unit where vacancies exist for Soldiers with medical expertise.

Another Soldier responsibility during transformation will be to continue your NCO education. Under the current promotional system Soldiers who are at the rank of Specialist/ E4 can be promoted to Sergeant/E5, however if they don’t complete the Warrior Leadership Course, they CANNOT be eligible for promotion to Staff Sergeant/E6. If you are a Staff Sergeant/E6 you ARE NOT eligible for promotion to Sergeant First Class/E7 without completing the Basic NCO Course. We have many outstanding young E4’s, E5’s and E6’s, who have the ability to be excellent NCO leaders and perform at a higher level. However, without a concerted effort on their part to complete NCOES they CANNOT be promoted to the higher rank.

You are the future leaders and decision makers of the New Jersey Army National Guard. A successful transformation can not be completed without all Soldiers taking responsibility for their military careers.

Soldiers have a responsibility to constantly seek out education and improve individual job performance and team proficiency. We need the Soldiers of the 50th Infantry Brigade Combat Team to step up, accept the challenge and be part of the transformation process.

By doing so, our units become more mission capable and ready to perform when an actual emergency or crisis occurs. Remember we can only be winners in life if we set goals and try to achieve them, no matter what obstacles are put in our path. Adapt, overcome and move forward at all times.

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