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You may change your tax/employer registration by filing Form REG-C-L (Request for Change of Registration Information). You may file the following changes via the online REG-C-L:
  • Changes in filing status (partnerships and proprietorships only);
  • Reporting a new business mailing address;
  • Changes in business tax or employer eligibilities; and
  • Replacing your temporary tax/employer ID with your official tax/employer ID.

File online now

All other changes, in addition to those shown above, can be made by filing a paper REG-C-L. Click here to download it.
Please note that you cannot use the REG-C-L for the following purposes

  • Register a new business for tax/employer purposes or register a new location for an existing business. File a Business Registration Application, Form NJ-REG instead.
  • Purchase or sale of a business. The new owner(s) must file a NJ-REG form.
  • Changes in legal structure or ownership type – e.g., the business changes from a proprietorship to a partnership or LLC). For registry purposes, the resulting entity is a new business. Complete the appropriate steps in the registration cycle online via the NJ Business Gateway.
  • Amendments to original business entity charter documents such as amendments to certificates of incorporation. File the appropriate amendment form.
  • Request to be placed on a non-reporting basis for Sales and Use Tax. Click here to download the form, C-6205-ST.
Last Updated: Thursday, 04/04/19

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