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The Division of Customer Assistance handles verbal and written disputes, interviews and information inquiries. Customers may contact the Division with complaints regarding service delays, lack of service, discontinuance of service, payment arrangements, high bills, deposit requests, and incurred or high rates.


Emergency assistance is also available for gas leaks, fallen wires and water main breaks. In the event of a gas leak, call 911 and report it to your utility immediately.  


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More about the Division of Customer Assistance

The Division of Customer Assistance which consists of the Bureaus of Customer Relations and Investigations & Enforcements as well as the Research & Analysis Unit.  In 2018, the Division of Customer Assistance handled 14,010 verbal and 1,012 written customer complaints.  In addition, 77,614 telephone calls and 6,353 e-mails were received from customers requesting assistance and/or general information.  The Division also received 63 formal petitions.


The Bureau of Customer Relations mediates disputes between utilities and customers over such matters as service complaints, high bills, payment arrangements, discontinuance of service, deposit requests and incorrect rates.  The Bureau’s verbal complaint unit is responsible for handling thousands of phone calls annually.  These include emergency calls concerning gas leaks, fallen wires, water main breaks as well as lack-of-service complaints, service delays, appliance repairs, discontinuance of service and payment arrangement remediation.  The Bureau also conducts in office interviews with utility customers who prefer to deal with BPU Customer Assistance Representatives in person. The Bureau is responsible for tracking the number of complaints received to identify areas of concern; in turn, the Division recommends necessary corrective action to the Board.


The Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement conducts investigations concerning utilities, Third Party Energy Suppliers, and other matters which might be in violation of the Electric Discount Energy Competition Act (EDECA) or BPU regulations.  Customers contact the Bureau of Investigations and Enforcement with complaints regarding telephone and energy slamming, cramming and energy contracts.  Complaints are also received from the Federal Communications Commission, Department of Law & Public Safety, Division of Community Affairs, telecommunications companies and consumers.


The Research and Analysis Unit is responsible for research and planning functions within the Division.  It provides analytical and administrative support to the Division Director in conducting special projects, surveys and studies.  Staff also processes formal complaints for the Board’s consideration at its agenda meetings and participates in rulemaking, rate case issues and tariff revisions while also providing assistance and consultation to other Divisions of the Board.