CDL Tests


To get your Commercial Driver License (CDL), you need to pass the vision test, knowledge test, and a road test.


  • For help preparing for the knowledge test, see the CDL manual.
    • CDL manuals are also available at a motor vehicle agency or by calling the MVC’s Customer Support Line at (609) 292-6500  weekdays (except holidays) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 request a copy by mail.

CDL knowledge test

Below is a bullet point outline of the Exam Test Receipt and Commercial Learner Permit Process.  The points are listed in a manner that will assist you in the process to obtain a CDL.

  • Make an appointment to get a permit, and bring your 6 Points of ID to obtain a Test Receipt.
  • To be sure that you get the correct tests you must indicate the type of commercial vehicle you will drive and the endorsement(s) you will use.
  • The test fee is $125.
  • Visit a Driver Testing Center (DTC) to take any needed knowledge exams and vision test. DTC’s are at the following locations: Bakers Basin, Bayonne, Camden, Cardiff, Eatontown, Edison, Freehold, Lodi, Mount Holly, Newark, Newton, North Bergen, Paterson, Rahway, Randolph, Rio Grande, Runnemede, Salem, South Plainfield, Toms River, Vineland, Washington, Wayne, or West Deptford.
  • The knowledge test is a 50-question general test with additional separate tests for each endorsement.  To pass the test you must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly.
  • Pass the knowledge exams and have the Test Receipt validated at the DTC.
  • Take the validated Test Receipt and present it along with the CDL Holder Self-Certification Form and a valid Medical Examiner’s Certificate, if required to a motor vehicle agency to receive your Commercial Learner’s Permit(CLP).
  • Return to a DTC to have the CLP validated.
  • You will need to practice for 14 days accompanied by another CDL licensed person before you can take the road test.
  • You should have a current and validated CLP present whenever practicing for the skills test.  The Test Receipt does not have to be present when practicing. 
  • Test scores are valid for 360 days.

 If you fail the knowledge test you must wait seven days before taking it again. You may re-take the test as many times as you like, but if you have not passed it after 180 days, you will need to renew your Test Receipt.

CDL road test

All CDL Applicants are required to take the CDL road test. You can schedule an appointment for a CDL road test 14 days after you successfully complete the knowledge test. Appointments are scheduled at any DTC.  A safety specialist will ride with you and judge you on three parts:

  • Pre-trip
  • Basic Skills
  • Road Skills

CDL Road Test Sites

  • Bakers Basin
  • Cherry Hill
  • Delanco
  • Eatontown
  • Lodi
  • Rahway
  • Randolph
  • Wayne
  • Winslow

Make sure you bring these items to the road test:

  • A vehicle with the following:
    • Current inspection sticker.
    • Valid registration.
    • Valid insurance card (unless covered by PUC or federal DOT regulations).
    • Legible GVWR placards affixed to the test vehicle(s).
    • Empty of cargo of any kind.
  • Valid Test Receipt and CLP.
  • Licensed driver qualified to operate the CMV being used for the test.

NoteThe MVC does not supply vehicles for road tests

Once you pass the CDL road test, you may take your permit and authorization slip to a motor vehicle agency to obtain your license.

If you fail the CDL road test, you must wait at least two weeks before re-taking the test. If you fail the test several times, the MVC may require that you wait six months before taking the road test again.

Banking of Commercial Driver License Skills Test Scores

The banking of CDL skills test scores is permissible under the following guidelines: