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Environmental Constraints
Wet Lands

The wetlands of the study area is associated with two separate watersheds which are the Big Timber Creek and the Little Timber Creek. Both creek systems are tidally influenced but have tidal wetland/marsh areas and freshwater wetlands within the limits of the study area. Big Timber Creek has one sub-watershed located in the study area and an unnamed ephemeral (storm event) stream with restricted flow during dry seasons. This stream flows through freshwater wetlands in the upstream reaches and a tidal wetland/marsh downstream where it joins Big Timber Creek. This figure presents the location of each of the wetland areas identified during the preliminary screening. None of the wetlands observed within the study area discharge into either FW-1 or FW-2 trout production waters or tributaries. No threatened or endangered species have been observed in any of the wetlands or marshes within the study area. Based upon this information, none of the wetland areas noted would be considered of exceptional value. Accordingly, the fresh water wetlands would be subject to New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's (NJDEP) 50-foot and transitional buffer zone regulations. A formal Letter of Interpretation (LOI) has been submitted to and approved by the NJDEP.

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