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Structural Evaluation


Important News Regarding the I-35W Bridge Failure in Minnesota

The NTSB's analysis report of the failure and safety recommendation, FHWA's Technical Advisory recommendations for State's with similar structures and NJDOT Technical Advisories for the Evaluation of Gusset Plates on Fracture Critical Bridges and placement of Construction Loads on Bridges have been issued. See Technical Advisories.

The following download files and documents are available:
Description Size Date
NJDOT Manuals
Bridge Inspection Work Zone Set-up Guide pdf 4.9m 2/1/11
Division 4 NJDOT Design Manual Bridge Structures pdf 4m 9/22/09
NJ Recording and Coding Guide pdf 10m 6/2/09
NJDOT Bridge Elements Inspection Manual pdf 11m 2/25/15
Pontis Element Level Coding Guide pdf 6m 5/14/09
Pontis Lite User Manual Version 1.1 pdf 2.8m 2/9/07
Underwater Inspection and Evaluation Guidelines pdf 17.5m 8/1/08
Other Manuals
Bridge Inspector's Reference Manual FHWA NHI 03-001   current
Bridge Railing Guide HTML | PDF pdf 60m current
Bridge Scour and Stream Instability Countermeasures
Experience, Selection, & Design Guidance 2nd Ed. (HEC 23)
pdf 23.4m current
Design of Riprap Revetment (HEC 11) pdf 13.2m current
Evaluating Scour at Bridges (HEC 18) pdf 4.51m current
Federal SI&A Recording and Coding Guide pdf 832k 1995
FHWA Guidelines for the Sign Structures   current
Recommendations for Bridge and Tunnel Security HTML | PDF pdf 311k current
Underwater Evaluation and Repair of Bridge Components pdf 28m current
Scopes of Work
Attachment A-NBIS and <20 feet Structures pdf 523k 9/30/16
Attachment A-Dams pdf 46k 4/13/07
Attachment A-Sign Structures pdf 25k 8/14/09
Type I Mechanical & Electrical Movable Bridge Inspection pdf 131k 3/31/14
Type II Mechanical & Electrical Movable Bridge Inspection pdf 109k 3/31/14
Type III Mechanical Movable Bridge Inspection pdf 56k 3/31/14
Type III-S Mechanical & Electrical Movable Bridge Inspection (with Traffic Safety Inspection) pdf 77k 3/31/14
Explanation of NBIS and <20 feet Structures Scope of Work pdf 435k 12/14/16
Explanation of Scope of Work for Sign Structures pdf 554k 5/18/16
Type H Hydraulic Movable Bridge Inspection Scope of Work pdf 80k 3/31/14
Inspection of High Mast Light Poles pdf 37k 12/10/09
NJ Bridge Scour Evaluation Program-Stage II Phase 4 pdf 47k 3/8/05
Pin and Hanger Assembly Inspection pdf 112k 8/7/2013
Bridge Inspection Clarifications
* Note: All downloads within this section require a userid and password. Contact NJDOT Structural Evaluation.
2013 Bridge Element Questions & Answers pdf 624k 1/30/15
Additional Guidance for Sign Structure Inspection Contracts pdf 283k 3/13/14
Bridge Railings Items AH and AQ Memorandum pdf 84k 2/5/09
Bridge Scour Countermeasures Conceptual Design and Cost
Estimates for Inspection Reports
pdf 129k 5/2/08
Clarification on Culvert Definition and Proper SI&A and Pontis Reporting pdf 1.6m 3/12/12
Clarification on Structurally Deficient, Functionally Obsolete and Interim Inspection Criteria Memorandum pdf 438k 6/5/09
Clarifications to Vertical Underclearance Posting Requirements pdf 2m 8/17/09
Coding of SI&A Items on Tab 7 and Overwriting of Previous Inspection Data Memorandum pdf 2m 2/3/12
Coding of SI&A Items 92B & 93B - Underwater Inspection Frequency and Date - Memorandum pdf 151k 2/3/12
Guidance on Scheduling Regular NBIS Inspections pdf 644k 1/18/13
Historical Work Done Memorandum zip 104k 8/19/09
Inspection of Scour Critical Twin Bridges pdf 138k 11/22/06
Item FA for Installed HEC-23 Countermeasures Memorandum pdf 55k 6/2/09
NBIS Compliance Bridge Inspection Forum and Clarifications pdf 237k 4/12/13
New Fields for Load Rating and Revised LRFR Implementation pdf 5.8mk 1/13/17
Non-Standard Light Pole Cracking Memorandum pdf 2.1m 1/30/07
Priority Repair Procedure pdf 27k 1/3/08
Pontis User Manual Inspection Dates Clarification Memorandum pdf 842k 5/14/09
SI&A Data Review Procedure pdf 62k 4/25/03
Sign Structure Inspection Commentary pdf 26k 12/1/05
SRI Information for Ramps pdf 21k 1/5/06
Vertical Underclearance Posting Memorandum pdf 42k 7/22/08
Vertical Underclearance Verification Memorandum pdf 193k 11/29/10
Waterway Rules and Boat Safety pdf 641k 7/13/15
Bridge Scour Evaluation Program
Flood Monitoring Forms & Data Sheets pdf 70m 8/1/06
Plan of Action Report pdf 60m 8/1/06
Scour Critical Bridge POA Template zip 2.7m 9/19/08
Technical Advisories
Gusset Guidance & Examples pdf 911k 12/18/08
FHWA Technical Advisory pdf 121k 1/15/08
FHWA Technical Advisory for Structures Built with T-1 Steel pdf 52k 9/20/11
FHWA Technical Advisory - Inspection of Gusset Plates Using Non-Destructive Evaluation Technologies pdf 117k 1/29/10
NJDOT Technical Advisory: Construction Loads on Bridges pdf 21k 1/17/08
NJDOT Technical Advisory: Evaluation of Gusset Plates pdf 37k 1/17/08
NTSB Safety Recommendation pdf 61k 1/15/08
Consultant Evaluation Criteria
Bridge Inspection pdf 69k 10/13/06
Sign Structure Inspection pdf 197k 12/4/06
Load Rating
2010 LARS Specification Analysis Manual pdf 1.2m 9/10/12
Bridge Load Rating Questions and Answers pdf 277k 8/7/2013
LARS Load Rating Review Checklist rtf 279k 12/3/12
NJ Prestressed Concrete Standard Shapes for LARS xls 711k 9/10/12
NJDOT Highway Bridge Load Rating Manual zip 3.5m 9/10/12
NJDOT LARS Clarification Files zip 337k 12/30/11
NJDOT LARS Customization Files zip 1.3m 8/19/16
NJDOT MIS Templates vsd 515k 12/30/11
Sample 1 - CD Deliverables zip 4m 6/27/13
Sample 1 - Report and Appendix Pages zip 2.4m 6/27/13
Sample 2 - CD Deliverables zip 4m 6/27/13
Sample 2 - Report and Appendix Pages zip 2.3m 6/27/13
Sample Reports
Format A pdf 14.8m 2/3/09
Format B pdf 24.5m 2/3/09
Sample Report 1 pdf 6.6m 5/19/08
Sample Report 2 pdf 1m 5/19/08
Sample Report 3 pdf 532k 5/19/08
Sample Underwater Inspection Report pdf 588k 4/28/08
Clearance Sketches zip 18.2m 12/31/09
Cross Section Sketches zip 165k 12/31/09
Field Inspection & Report Submission Schedule zip 1.7m 2/15/13
Loss, Theft and Vandalism Report rtf 65k 3/28/07
MOT, Equipment & RR Usage Spreadsheet xls 27k 5/12/06
Project Preference (Matrix) List xls 30k 4/11/17
Sign Structure field Inspection & Report submission Schedule zip 625k 10/12/11
Soundings Sketches zip 410k 3/8/10
Template Reports zip 3.5m 1/8/14
Underwater Inspection Report rtf 28m 1/8/14
Structural Document Management System (SDMS)
Additional Guidance for Preparing a SDMS CD pdf 258k 12/5/06
Adobe PDF File Review Checklist, Version 3.1.2 pdf 127k 10/12/11
Contractors Specifications for Scanning, PDFing, & Electronic
Deliverables, Version 3.1
pdf 1.91m 1/31/06
Interim Revision to Chapter 8 pdf 157k 6/9/09
Microsoft Excel Seed Index File & Adobe Acrobat Setting File zip 10k 6/6/05-
Pontis Software
NJDOT Database * zip 3.5m 7/30/07
Pontis 4.3.1 Software and User Forms * zip 34.2m 9/11/08
Pontis Email Submission Transmittal Sheet rtf 153k 5/1/09
PontisLite Agreement doc 42k 3/7/04

* This download requires userid and password. Contact NJDOT Structural Evaluation.

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