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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Mobility and Systems Engineering

Qualified Product List

The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) lists the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) materials that are pre-qualified. Material, when listed, must still be approved for use on each project for the specifics of that contract.

Vendors interested in getting their products pre-approved and listed on the Qualified Product List* (pdf 56k) must submit an application following the appropriate ITS Material Approval Procedure (MAP).

Designers and contractors are still responsible to select materials that best meet the specific requirements of each project, and submit for approval on each project.

NJDOT currently has an existing Treasury Material contract from which NJDOT may provide the Dynamic Message Signs and Controllers for installation by contractors on State-funded projects. Details regarding the signs available from this contract are provided in the chart below. The manufacturer, Daktronics, can also be contacted for further information.

*Refer to Qualified Electrical Engineering Materials for conduit and wire that may be utilized as part of ITS construction.

Instructions for Product Pre-Qualification Process in QPL

Submit for review and pre-qualification an ITS Product Certification Request Form (pdf 77k) with the application package documentation specified by the governing ITS MAP:

Note: Samples are no longer required as part of the Electronic or Non-Electronic MAP. During the review process if a sample is required, NJDOT will notify the requester.

ITS Electronic Components

Use the NJDOT ITS Electronic Components list below to identify the Electronic Component Name and the Material Specification Reference that is applicable to the product as required to complete the MAP documentation.

Electronic Component Name Material Specification Reference
(PDF size range from 22k to 131k)
CCTV Camera, Positional Camera HD IP Camera
CCTV, Dome Camera HD IP Camera
Controller Camera Controller Camera
Hardened Video Encoder Hardened Video Encoder
Hardened Video Encoder-Decoder Pair Hardened Video Encoder-Decoder Pair
Media Converter Media Converter
Terminal Server Terminal Server
Wireless Link Wireless Link

ITS Non-Electronic Components

Use the NJDOT ITS Non-Electronic Components lists below to identify the Non-Electronic Component Name, Material Specification Reference and ITS Standard Detail that are applicable to the product as required to complete the MAP documentation.

Component Name
Material Specification Reference
(PDF size range from 24k to 25k)
Fiber Optic Cable Fiber Optic Cable
Fiber Optic Patch Panel Fiber Optic Patch Panel
Fiber Optic Splice Enclosure Fiber Optic Splice Enclosure
ITS Conduit Standard Specifications 2007
Section 918.01 Conduit and Fittings
Component Name
ITS Standard Detail Reference
Camera Standard Type A and B ITS-704-11 through ITS-704-13,
Camera Surveillance System
Camera Standard Type C ITS-704-14 & ITS-704-15,
Camera Surveillance System
Controller Cabinet, Camera ITS-704-17 Camera Surveillance System, Controller Camera
Controller Cabinet, ITS ITS-704-21 Controller ITS
Controller Cabinet, TTS ITS-704-20 Travel Time System,
Controller TTS
Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet ITS-704-22 General Systems
Fiber Cross Connect Cabinet
Fiber Optic Warning Tape, Marker and Tag ITS-704-06 Fiber Optic Warning Tape,
Marker and Tag
Junction Box ITS, Type A ITS-704-07 Junction Box ITS Type A
Junction Box ITS, Type B ITS-704-08 Junction Box ITS Type B
Junction Box ITS, Type C ITS-704-09 Junction Box ITS Type C
Junction Box ITS, Type D ITS-704-10 Junction Box ITS Type D

For information on Weigh in Motion (WIM) or Traffic Volume Systems (TVS) please contact the Bureau of Safety and Data Development.

For information on Road Weather Information System (RWIS) please contact the Bureau of Maintenance Engineering and Support.

The files listed above are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is available free from the state Adobe Access page, to view the files.
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