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Public Hearings

Wednesday, June 7

OCEAN COUNTY’S PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO THE PUBLIC SAFETY TOWER PLAN - The Public Safety Tower Plan for Pinelands, approved by the Pinelands Commission on May 11, 2012, includes the proposed locations of County local communications facilities that are intended to eliminate critical gaps in public safety communications coverage within the Pinelands Area. The final siting of any proposed facility is required to adhere to the siting policy contained in the Plan. The proposed amendment seeks to revise the siting policy in two ways: 1) to expand the size of the search area for the final siting of a proposed facility from a 1-mile radius to a 3-mile radius; and 2) to provide greater flexibility when siting a facility on developed, publically-owned land. The proposed amendment does not increase the number of facilities in the Pinelands Area.

The Amendment and supporting materials are available for public inspection and copying at the principal offices of the Commission and are also available here.

The hearing will be held at 9:30 a.m. at the Pinelands Commission Office, 15C Springfield Road, New Lisbon, NJ.  Written testimony may be submitted at the hearing or sent directly to the Pinelands Commission, 15C Springfield Rd, P.O. Box 359, New Lisbon, NJ 08064 or via facsimile at (609) 894-7330 or by email through the Commission’s web site at no later than June 12, 2017.  For further information, please call the Pinelands Commission at (609) 894-7300.